Community Action Agency Website Redesign

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Project Description

Southeastern Idaho Community Action Agency (SEICAA)

Visitors won’t stay on a website for long if they don’t find what they need right away.  This drove SEICAA to redesign their website so as to immediately connect visitors with the services they need. The organization offers programs to help community members in need find their way to self sufficiency. Helping the community learn how to donate and why was also a top priority.

In the website redesign, we incorporated prominent call-to-action elements, integrated news feed, Facebook and an events calendar to keep the site fresh and quickly communicate website users, what’s happening at SEICAA.

Our client’s feedback at launch:

WOW just WOW!!! We are blown out of the water, the website looks phenomenal! It captures everything we requested and so much more! It’s very professional in style yet user friendly! Thank you so much!  I absolutely love the FB feed on the side bar it’s such a great addition!”

Shantay Bloxham, COO, SEICAA

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