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Project Description

Construction Company Website Presents Unified Brand Message

SilMan Industries embarked on a new marketing plan to clarify a confusing brand story. The company is comprised of three very successful divisions –construction, logistics and field services — which often collaborated to offer end-to-end project implementation. But there was a perception that the three divisions were totally separate. This came in large part from a hastily-created website that focused solely on a single part of the company.

We created a new WordPress website that quickly communicates the three divisions as one with a home page portal design and related unifying team-related imagery and messaging to drive the point home. The portal design was repeated in various parts of the website to further develop the unified brand.

To promote lead generation, call-to-actions and contact forms are integrated sitewide. Contact cards for key team members are included on priority service pages to streamline and further promote contact. Team profiles include LinkedIn links to provide easy access to business and referral connections.  An impressive client list, case studies and testimonials provide validation of the company’s deep expertise and extensive experience handling complex projects.

Strong brand colors, graphic treatments and industry-specific icons and images further reinforce the company as solid, professional and experts in the industries they serve.


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