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Project Description

Construction Company’s New Website Sells Unified Brand, Support Business Growth

SilMan Industries launched a marketing plan to clarify a confusing brand story. The company’s three very successful divisions often collaborated to offer end-to-end project implementation. But there was a perception among clients that the divisions were totally separate. One reason for the disconnect was a hastily-created website that focused on a single part of the company.

A new WordPress website incorporates strong, clear messaging and a unifying design to help solve SilMan’s problem. It quickly communicates the three divisions as one on the home page, through filters on the team page, and by cross-referencing services on division pages. Lead generation is promoted with call-to-actions sitewide. An impressive client list, case studies and testimonials validate the company’s expertise and experience. The site’s careers section makes it easy for a job candidate to find and apply for an open position. Plus, they get a real sense of the company culture with a quick look at the news blog.

On the design side, Strong brand design and imagery further reinforce the company as solid, professional, team-oriented and experts in the industries they serve.


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