Senior Living Facility Website Redesign

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Project Description

Addressing Key Business Goals with a Modern Website

Park View Community Campus, a long-term care and senior living community,  Is a leading provider in the regional market it serves. With decision making shifting from in-person to online in the industry, the company felt they were losing competitive advantage with their outdated website. A new website was developed to support their leadership position and address three key business needs.

1. Attract residents from cities in the region with a contemporary, professional website.

2. Communicate Park View’s key differentiators — exemplary quality care and a unique continuum of care.

3. Recruit new staff members with relatable content that conveys caring staff and supportive community messages.

“Wipfli Digital delivered on the promise to fulfill our expectations with sincerity and professionalism.”

-Eric J. Walthall, Director of Marketing

The Details

The updated website integrates movement in several forms which combine to create the site’s modern feel. On the home banner, text appears, letter-by-letter, to complete a core value statement. Other pages incorporate background videos that reinforce Park View’s resident-centric service philosophy. Bold graphics combined with rollover movement highlight key services.

A fresh navigation plan better reflects Park View’s residential offerings. It was designed to offer site visitors multiple ways to access helpful information.

Website engagement is encouraged with an on-site job application tool. Additionally, an events page provides a colorful, visual overview of activities on campus. Typography is large and clean throughout, making it easy to read for all ages.

Project Details


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