Museum Website Redesign – Egyptian Museum San Jose

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Project Description

Creating an Interactive and Educational Website

The museum website is used by thousands of students and educators as a valuable and reputable resource on Ancient Egypt. Therefore, the goal of the museum website redesign was to expand the interactivity and reach to help students understand and explore this fascinating period in history.

Starting with existing branding, we updated the look and feel to accommodate modern browsers and mobile devices, making the site responsive. Additionally, we kept the design uncluttered and the information easy to digest by not over complicating the layouts. Given the amount of information that needed to be included, we needed to use strategies that would keep the visitor from feeling lost and make it easy to find everything. This included dynamic section menus that update automatically when a page is added or deleted. Additionally, links and relationships were added between time periods and architects, rulers, and monuments. The interactive timeline connected with all of the information.

Careful attention was given to the user experience of all ages and education levels so the site would be valuable to  grammar school students as well as highly-educated adults. The site includes a comprehensive 360-degree tour that is self guided, which allows visitors to spend as much time in a gallery as they would like and feel as if they were actually at the museum.

Additional features:

  • 3D renderings of artifacts (from a 3rd party application) were incorporated.
  • Extensive videos were embedded.
  • Database of all artifacts was also incorporated.
  • A custom-developed calendar of events allows the staff to quickly make updates, duplicate events for another date, and easy to read.
  • Keeping the site fresh with a calendar feed on the home page as well as a feed from Google for reviews.
  • Custom-user accounts were programmed so the admin can control specifically what volunteers are able to edit and view in the control panel.

Making the site fully accessible in local Spanish dialect meant creating a mirror of the English site with custom translation. The Rosicrucian Egyptian Museum located in San Jose, California, houses the largest collection of ancient Egyptian artifacts on display in western North America.

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