Economic Development Website for Chippewa County

Economic Development Website for Chippewa County 2019-11-11T04:34:25+00:00

Project Description

A New Website to Promote Business

The Chippewa County Economic Development Corporation (CCEDC) helps to make the county thrive through business attraction and workforce recruitment. They needed to upgrade their website to showcase the county’s many lifestyle and business-friendly benefits and promote events.

Redesign Goals

  • Allow visitors to purchase tickets to paid events and sign up for free events, all withing the website.
  • Capture the history of purchases for events.
  • Promote the lifestyle and benefits of living and working in Chippewa County.
  • Create a site that is easy to update by the staff.
  • Ensure that the events and blog posts were easy to read on a mobile device.
  • Integrate a third party site selection tool.

Event Registration Solution

An intuitive event registration and payment system was set up with a time-saving process for staff. Events are input in one place and the third party payment system integrates with the website and CCEDC’s banking.  The WordPress-friendly system is intuitive and easy to follow for visitors wanting to register.

Supporting Talent Recruitment

With a low unemployment rate in the region, a primary function for the CCEDC is to help local businesses attract and retain qualified talent. Highlighting  natural sports that abound in the area – such as hiking, fishing and boating – and the relaxed and wholesome lifestyle was very important for the website. Our design incorporated large beautiful outdoor images along with business recruitment specifics.

Project Details

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