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Project Description

Easy to Use and Built for Sales

The members and potential members of Food Addicts in Recovery Anonymous purchase resource materials, pamphlets, books, magazine subscriptions and MP3s from the website. The ELF (CMS) content management system combined with an open source shopping cart provides a seamless and extremely easy to use system for both the website visitor and the volunteers that manage the website store.

The user experience provides one click add to cart for multiple items, has a shopping cart that shows in the sidebar on all pages reminding the visitor that they have an open cart. For the organization, security was a top priority to ensure that member information was never compromised and the ecommerce accounts in ELF content management system were private.

Ecommerce includes:

– Reporting for fulfillment and inventory
– Magazine subscriptions with email reminders and online access based on status of the account
– Digital products, storage and delivery
– Document storage and retrieval
– Member profile area which allows members to make donations, view subscriptions, view downloads, manage meetings and download past orders

ELF stands for Easy to Learn – and Fun. A big plus for the ELF (CMS) is that it is truly custom – the admin panel doesn’t confuse the administrative client user with a lot of buttons and sections that they don’t need and will never use. Other systems have tabs and plugins that aren’t being used simply because that’s the way the programmer built it. The ELF (CMS) backend is a framework, JS, with a MySQL database.

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