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Project Description

Commercial Real Estate Investment Website – Nearon

Flexible, Updated Design

As a follow-on project to a logo refresh, Nearon, a commercial real estate investment company, requested a customized, contemporary website to replace one that was outdated and locked-down.  The new site incorporates the company’s updated brand; ample white space, modern fonts and crisp colors lend a fresh yet professional feel.

Site Goal: Easy Navigation

A key priority was streamlining the site navigation to allow investors to view Nearon’s property portfolio by region and type, and for in-house staff to be able to keep the portfolio current.

Custom Site Build

Nearon’s new site showcases the company’s portfolio with a single click and offers a sortable list of properties, both current and sold. The site, built with the ELF CMS (content management system), is easily updated without any special apps or programming knowledge.

Also high on the wish list was sharing the company’s history and success stories in a very visual way. This was accomplished using a scrolling page that combines imagery, color, and text for maximum impact.

Project Details

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