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Getting the Word Out Through Earned Media

DIY Publicity Guide – 8 Tips and Tools to Get Media Coverage

Your business or organization has a story to tell and good news to talk about.

With some imagination, good writing, strong communication, and effective follow-up, this Publicity Guide can help get your business or organization in earned media.  That is publications and websites you don’t own but need to earn a placement, such as print and online magazines, newspapers and their corresponding websites, radio talk shows, TV, and social media.

This Publicity Guide provides practical guidance plus a listing of free publicity resources to help you on your way to getting in the news.

  • Lesson 1: What’s Newsworthy?
  • Lesson 2: Who Writes About What?
  • Lesson 3: The Five W’s
  • Lesson 4: Get to the Point
  • Lesson 5: Introduce Yourself
  • Lesson 6: Use Catchy Email Subject Lines
  • Lesson 7: Who to Contact?
  • Lesson 8: Follow-up Phone Calls

Download our publicity guide and start your publicity campaign today.

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