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Getting the Word Out Through Earned Media

DIY Publicity Guide – 8 Tips and Tools to Get Media Coverage

Your business or organization has a story to tell and good news to talk about.

With some imagination, good writing, strong communication, and effective follow-up, this Publicity Guide can help get your business or organization in earned media. Earned media refers to publications, broadcast media, and websites that you don’t control, such as your blog. To earn a placement in print and online magazines, newspapers and their corresponding websites, radio talk shows, TV, and social media, you need to contact a reporter, writer, blogger, or editor.

This Publicity Guide provides practical guidance plus a listing of free publicity resources to help you on your way to getting in the news.

  • Lesson 1: What’s Newsworthy?
  • Lesson 2: Who Writes About What?
  • Lesson 3: The Five W’s
  • Lesson 4: Get to the Point
  • Lesson 5: Introduce Yourself
  • Lesson 6: Use Catchy Email Subject Lines
  • Lesson 7: Who to Contact?
  • Lesson 8: Follow-up Phone Calls

Download our publicity guide and start your publicity campaign today.

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