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It’s said that people retain only 10 percent of what they hear and 20 percent of what they see, but upwards of 80 percent of what they hear and see. Video and other types of multimedia provide a highly effective way to communicate with a more engaged audience.

At Wipfli Web Marketing, we help our clients create videos that hit the mark with their intended targets and work well for the primary use, from websites and trade shows to social media and blogs.

Video has been used in PR and marketing programs for years, and is a proven medium for training and company capability pieces. Video can sell or inform your audience and is an excellent way to offer high-value content on your website and blog, and to bolster your SEO. A video provided with a news release can significantly increase the pickup of a story by online and broadcast media.

Social media has created new audiences, new uses, and new ways to share and watch video. It has also driven change in video style and format in many cases. For instance, videos are shorter in length and move faster now.

YouTube, Facebook Twitter, Google+, and the blogosphere have opened up a whole new world for video. As a top search engine, YouTube has evolved way beyond cat and dog trick videos and is now where people go to search for just about every topic imaginable, from entertainment to how-to, to popular opinion videos.

As YouTube evolves so does the production values expected by many audiences. There is a middle ground to be struck between the point-and-shoot and the overly produced slick video. We assist our clients in determining what quality and style their audiences will respond to, and how best to achieve it. For example, travel videos shot by travelers are extremely powerful tools in increasing interest among potential visitors. However, there is still a need for a more professionally produced video that can help to tell a destination’s real story.

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