Community Relations

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Community Outreach

To build community support, we assess public opinion and develop programs that address concerns or desires. Informational presentations (ranging from materials for informal living-room sessions to town meetings) are prepared to meet specific needs.

Our services range from briefing and training speakers to producing complex video and multimedia presentations. We identify proponents and encourage them to take action in support of the client, as well as organize turn-key proponent meetings. Our experience has shown us that opposing views can be tempered by direct contact with adversaries as opposition is frequently based on misinterpretation that can be overcome with fact.

Issues that seemingly ‘come out of nowhere’ often have been brewing for some time. Wipfli Web Marketing assesses negative and/or inaccurate coverage of clients by the media. Corrective strategies, sometimes referred to as damage control tactics, are planned and initiated as quickly as possible. These include letters to the editor, news conferences, and direct mail. Outreach support for:

  • Community meetings
  • Issues or crisis management
  • Speaking placement
  • Speech writing

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