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You know competition for your audience’s attention is fierce. Do you want to make sure your message is the one that gets seen and acted upon?

One proven way to drive traffic to your website is through the use of “opt-in” email lists and sending only receptive messages to your audience.

Compared to traditional direct mail, opt-in e-mail offers higher response rates and reaches its audience much faster, increasing website visitors. Furthermore, an opt-in e-mail campaign tells you if and when your message was seen. All this – and for far less than the cost of a postage stamp per message.

In short, you get impressive performance at an eminently reasonable cost. But success doesn’t just happen. Our marketing-savvy, web know-how and technical expertise become crucial assets when mounting a successful e-marketing campaign. We will handle the project from concept, design, content to testing, list development or rental, and delivery.

With Wipfli Web Marketing, e-mail marketing is:

  • simple
  • smart
  • swift
  • scalable
  • supported
  • successful

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