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Banner Ads for Online Advertising

Producing and placing banner ads in subject-specific websites is one of the most effective strategies for advertising online. Banner ads usually consist of a graphic image with text and sometimes animation displayed on a web page. Banner ads can help your company promote your brand or service to a selected audience. You can target a demographic, psychographic, or geographic audience. Banner ads are a simple yet effective way to reach new customers.

Because of the Internet’s reach, a banner ad is one of the most cost-effective ways to advertise for a small business. Even though the click-through rates are below one percent, the costs have come down substantially over the last several years to reflect their current performance. In addition, today you can buy advertising space on some online networks based strictly on performance. You can pay based just on click-through or for specific actions taken.

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The ability to click through on a banner provides users with tracking statistics that prove to be extremely effective in the ROI analysis of your online advertising campaign.

Online banner advertising comes in many sizes and shapes. The best size for you is determined by your advertising objective, your creative strategy and the space available on the publishing site.

Advertising in Email Newsletters

KDBS blastMore and more web users are subscribing to email newsletters based on subject matters that are relevant to them. Advertisers can take advantage of reaching these highly targeted users by advertising within email newsletters. For example, a web user who is interested in adventure racing might subscribe to an email newsletter focusing on that particular sport. A company that offers products or services geared for the adventure racer could then take advantage of reaching thousands of potential customers by integrating a text or graphic ad within that newsletter.

Ads in email newsletters usually have creative restrictions. For example, some accept only text ads. The good news is that they are a lot less expensive to produce than multi-layered animated banner ads.

Wipfli Web Marketing can research available options, qualify their circulation and work with you to select just the right newsletters to include in your online marketing campaign. We can also write and design the ad and test your ad for maximum response.

Online Advertising Sponsorship

Sponsorship AdSponsorship tiles are similar to banner ads but in general are smaller and positioned differently on web pages. Sponsorship opportunities can create an association for your company with the website you are sponsoring. While banner ads are usually at the top of a web page, sponsor tiles are usually placed to the right or left of the web page’s content. Sponsor tiles provide many of the same benefits of banner ads, but because they are smaller and less intrusive, they are generally used for branding rather than direct marketing.

At Wipfli, we will evaluate online media and determine the best option for your marketing needs. Additionally, we can design the ads and implement your online sponsorship strategy. We will also monitor the campaign and recommend changes during the program.

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