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Direct Mail Graphic Design Services

Direct mail is all about grabbing attention, and fast, and is most effective when used with a very specific intent. This applies to email marketing as well. (see our online marketing section).

This might be announcing a product promotion, big sale or discount; promoting a concert or special event; introducing a new collection of seasonal items just in time for the holiday buying season. Whatever the purpose, we design direct mail pieces to quickly promote the company brand and then impactfully deliver the payoff to the recipient.

Compelling Direct Mail Graphics

With direct mail, our overall priority is to get the recipient to stop and see the postcard, guidebook, or fundraising package. Like a shop window, we want our targets to be compelled by what they see enough to come inside.

Coming up with the right direct mail design begins with format and rolls out from there. Design, paper or other material, printing technique, color, illustration, photography, interactivity, headline, QR code, and URL. All these can impact the direct mail response rate for better or worse.

The goal is to stand out, visually and conceptually, but always keeping the end goal in mind. A direct mail piece may be really impactful and have all the latest design and production tricks but if the concept isn’t relevant or interesting to the recipient it will not yield results.

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