5 Easy Accessibility Upgrades You Can Make Today

2020-03-10T22:36:01+00:00Customer Experience, Search Engine Optimization, Website Design, Websites|

Many people with disabilities use assistive technology to interact with their desktop or laptop computer -- devices such as screen readers to computer programs and software that make the overall interaction easier. A poorly designed website can throw up unnecessary roadblocks for people with disabilities who are trying to get information or make a purchase. Issues such as the [...]

Websites that Travel Well: Why it Pays to Have a Mobile-Friendly Website

2020-01-27T22:13:43+00:00Design, Marketing, Website Design, Websites|

There are three reasons why you want your website to be easy-to-use on a mobile device. Two you probably already know. 1. Higher search ranking on Google.  Google favors mobile friendly websites in search engine results on phones and tablets. 2. Ever increasing numbers of people are using mobile for web search. Depending on your industry, visitors to your site [...]