Websites that Travel Well: Why it Pays to Have a Mobile-Friendly Website

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There are three reasons why you want your website to be easy-to-use on a mobile device. Two you probably already know. 1. Higher search ranking on Google.  Google favors mobile friendly websites in search engine results on phones and tablets. 2. Ever increasing numbers of people are using mobile for web search. Depending on your industry, visitors to your site [...]

B2B MarCom Budgeting for 2017

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It’s the time of year to prepare budgets for 2018 marketing outreach and marketing communications programs. Here are three major areas to consider as you work to make your organization a top performer in customer and prospect engagement. There are many creative strategies and tactics spawned by the shift to mobile and other tech trends which you should consider incorporating [...]

Use Link Building to Boost Search Engine Ranking

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Coming up high in Google, Bing, or other search engine rankings helps make your company, product, or service visible to those who are looking for what you offer. One way to come up high in search engines is to create links from other sites to your website. These links are called backlinks. These are incoming links to your website from another [...]

Is Your Website Outdated? Seven Questions to Answer (To Tell You What You Probably Already Know)


Outdated websites are everywhere. What’s the harm you might ask? Well, an outdated website can impact your credibility. It can cost you sales as customers may buy from a competitor whose website is easier to use on a mobile device. Also, older websites are often not optimized for today’s search. […]

Do I Need a Google Plus Account?

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There is Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram, Pintrest, my blog, my LinkedIn company page and Google+. The list is almost endless. At Wipfli Web Marketing Group we often hear clients ask: “Why does my company need to be on Google+, nobody I know is using it? I don’t use it, so why should I spend my precious time/money on yet another social [...]

SEO for PDFs

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We are often asked if PDFs are included in search engines. They are definitely searchable, but they are often not indexed because they aren’t optimized. This means that the search engines skip them when they spider your site because they don’t know what the content is about. It is better to put your content in a regular web page, but [...]