Integrating Facebook Messenger Live Chat and Activity Feed on websites captures leads  ‘in the moment’.

There are many people (myself included) who don’t want to comb through every page to find the information they need. Or they have a very specific question and they want an answer right away, or to have a conversation about it. Using the Facebook Messenger, you can connect with customers, clients, and prospects in real time to keep them interested and engaged.

A live chat feature can save your staff and your customer time, reduce emails back and forth, and result in a much more productive and positive interaction.

Facebook Messenger Live Chat

There are numerous live chat products available for websites today, including Facebook’s Messenger live chat service. Facebook’s Messenger  is an excellent option when you are already using Facebook to communicate with customers and prospects and a majority of your customers, clients or parents use Facebook regularly, One key reason is that people will need a Facebook account to use the service.

Facebook Activity Feed

This is another way to engage with your customers and clients who are a part of the Facebook community, as well as those who are not. Adding a Facebook activity feed to your website allows your customers to easily see current news about your products and services, upcoming events or community involvement, without being on your Facebook page.  If they want more information they can easily click through to your Facebook page to learn more. The Facebook activity feed also can help to promote customer engagement when they see related comments and likes shared by their friends and peers, and they join the conversation.

Making it easy for your website visitors to get the information they need quickly and easily, in a way that is familiar to them, is at the heart of a good user experience.  This helps build customer loyalty, positive feedback and referrals.

Post by Dianne Newton-Shaw, senior consultant.

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